2020 Audi A9 E-Tron Performance And Release Date

2020 Audi A9 E-Tron Performance And Release Date – Rumors that Audi is planning to launch an A9 model have been flying around for quite a few years now. Come 2016, and the German brand has confirmed that a brand-new model to use this nameplate is indeed underway and will hit the market by 2020. However, while the plans were to create the A9 as a larger, coupe-styled four-door, Audi decided to go with an electric sedan that would compete against the popular Tesla Model S.

2019 Audi A9 E-Tron Release Date

2020 Audi A9 E-Tron Future

Set to be introduced “as high up as possible in the A8 segment,” the upcoming A9 was previewed by the E-tron Quattro concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is believed that the exterior design will be similar, while motivation will be provided by an evolution of the concept car’s drivetrain. The A9 E-tron will also share technology with the upcoming Q6 E-tron SUV.

2019 Audi A9 E-Tron Review

2020 Audi A9 E-Tron Exterior And Interior

The A9 E-tron is expected to have similar proportions to the next-generation A8, but Audi could choose to make it a tad longer in order to justify its range-topping status from a dimensional standpoint too. As far as styling goes, it will most likely share some body panels with the A8, especially the doors and fenders, but the fascias and roofline will be unique to this model.The interior is a far bigger mystery than the exterior, but Audi could use the E-tron Quattro as inspiration in this department too, especially since the concept is far from wild. The dashboard layout is pretty simple, and Audi kept things clean on the passenger side. The average stack section is occupied by a large touchscreen, while the console includes a smaller display and drivetrain controls. A third screen, this time almost as large as the one on the center stack, is located behind the steering wheel, serving as an instrument cluster, while also displaying various bits of information, including navigation-related content.

2019 Audi A9 E-Tron Interior. 2019 Audi A9 E-Tron interior

2020 Audi A9 E-Tron Engine

This is where a lot more information is available. First up, it’s pretty clear that Audi will use a development of the EV platform showcased in the E-tron Quattro concept. The underpinnings are made mostly of aluminum and include three electric motors. One is placed at the front and motivates the front wheels, while the two in the back spin the rear wheels. The system sends power to all four wheels via a drive management system, which uses electronic torque vectoring to split the torque depending on grip levels. An updated version of the single-ratio gearbox should offer two modes: Drive and Sport.

2019 Audi A9 E-Tron Engine

2020 Audi A9 E-Tron Price And Release Date

It’s way too early to talk about prices given that this car won’t arrive until 2019 or so, but it’s safe to assume that it will cost more than the A8 and will be one of the most expensive Audis on the market. Chances are it will fetch at least $120,000 before options